Slightly Uplifting and A lot Gay
SHIT. okay so like… Winterfell?? (…that’s the only location in anything that I know of that qualifies as in or around the North)

Teeside. Teeside Accent. (Which is pretty varied in itself but.)

YOUR ACCENT THO. you're... Northern? is that right. am I at least close.

The North is a very big place. But since England is a small place, TECHNICALLY YOU’RE CLOSE.


That moment when your inspiration turns from charlie brown to psycho killer.

i was going to call the ball pit a exercise in avant garde minimalism but then i decided it needed a neon sign.

No, but do you guys notice on that video that it takes me, firstly; A whole four minutes to swear, and, secondly, I do it super hesitantly?

Like when I write I am the swear queen but you get me talking I might say ‘piss’ really quietly. 




Do you believe there is a demi-monde?


Worrying tumblr user Grimnoir is going to be salty that we deleted his third fuckingsteamreviews submission but MH17 jokes ahahaha no not on my sideblog

He can be salty if he wants to, I’ll use to season my “I don’t give a frickle frackle” Chilli.


I had Beth’s comic opinions video on in the background earlier cause she talks so enthusiastically about the stuff she liked and I like listening to things where people do that even if  I’m not paying all that much attention cause I don’t have context.

I am however disappointed that in meatspace Beth appears to be a human woman and not an actual badger.

I am disappointed to not be a badger also. And so, that glorious injoke is laid to rest. Spanning…(two years?) two ridiculous icons, and a serious Dad badger tweet pic.

RIP Badger joke.


help i’m stuck on the synchronised dance competition part of tumblr


What are you?